Line up


July 10, 2021

Maluma has become one of the Artists with the greatest impact on urban music and the idol for many young fans of Latin music globally. Winner of the Latin Grammy 2018 to the Contemporary Pop Vocal Album (by F.A.M.E.) Maluma is one of the most popular singers with active fans on social networks and the leader among Latino male singers with over 54.1 million followers on Instagram. This figure adds to more than 23 million fans on Facebook, 6 million on Twitter, and 22 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

On June 27, 2019, Maluma presented his repertoire for the first time in Poland. Maluma performed at ERGO Arena Gdańsk / Sopot as part of the 11:11 World Tour and delighted thousands of fans. The prince of Latin pop undoubtedly won the hearts of the Polish public. The sold-out concert turned out to be a success. Just a few months later, in February of the same year, Maluma performed for the second time as part of the 11:11 World Tour, this time at the Tauron Arena in Krakow. The reggaeton superstar had more than 15 thousand people screaming their lungs out for his mesmerizing live performance.

Bad Bunny

July 9, 2021

Benito Martinez Ocasio, Bad Bunny's real name, was born in Puerto Rico. For years, the rapper has been one of the most streamed musicians worldwide. He inspires not only with contemplative trap songs but also with Caribbean Latin Pop, like in the number one hit I Like it, which he produced together with the American-Dominican music giant Cardi B He is the shooting star of the hour. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards, one of the most important awards in the Latin music scene, Bad Bunny won seven awards. Among them were the prestigious awards Artist of the Year and Latin Song of the Year. He won the latter with his hit Caillaita.

At the very latest after his Super Bowl appearance at the beginning of the year at Shakira's side, he is sure to attract the attention of the public. He was the first Latin American star to make it onto the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in the summer of 2020. But Bad Bunny is not only a big in music, but also an icon of the queer community. With painted fingernails, extravagant outfits, and explicit messages to the public, he fights against gender stereotypes and for more acceptance. He has also taken on the topic of violence against women in songs like Solo De Mi. In addition, he is personally involved in helping reconstructing Puerto Rico alongside artists such as Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez in the reconstruction and care of the citizens of his home island Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny, a shooting star of the Latin music scene and a guarantee for hits and conversation.


July 8, 2021

Currently we’re in talks with 3 major Latin headliners. Rest assured that we will choose a worthy headliner to open up the first day of Trapeton 2021. Exciting news coming soon!

Gente De Zona (TBC)

July 8, 2021

As the first Cuban-based musical act to ever reached the Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, Gente De Zona has been at the forefront of a musical revolution. The dynamic duo made up of talented musicians Alexander Delgado, and Randy Malcom pioneered the “Cubatón” movement that is now one of the dominating forces in the global musical landscape, fusing traditional Cuban beats and genres with reggaetón and Caribbean beats.

Delgado and Malcom first called the international attention thanks to their 2014 hit “Bailando” alongside Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno; the track not only topped Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart but became the longest-running #1 in the chart’s history. After “Bailando” came “La Gozadera,” featuring their friend and mentor Marc Anthony. That single also topped Billboard’s Latin Airplay, Latin Tropical, and Latin Rhythm charts. Since then, Gente de Zona, now signed with Sony Music, have been non-stop. Three of Gente de Zona’s singles reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, and their first U.S.-release album, Visualízate, debuted at #1 on the Top Latin Albums chart in 2016.

Alex Rose

July 9, 2021

Alexis Javier Guzmán Cotto, better known as Alex Rose, was born in the city of Carolina, Puerto Rico, on April 16, 1993. One of the first songs he became known for in the urban genre, is from 2016, and is called Orgasmo. In 2018, Alex Rose released his first EP entitled Sexflix. After this came a collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, Lenny Tavárez, Lyanno, and Cazzu called Toda y Toda. This success managed to position itself at the TOP of the lists of the digital platform Spotify and surpassed more than 150 million views on YouTube, in just 2 months. It now has more than 930 million views.

The R&B and Trap singer-songwriter began 2020 on the right foot by releasing Jangueo's music video, which is part of his Lost EP and currently has over 350 million streams on digital platforms since its release. With a great reception from the general public, Jangueo reached the first places of Monitor Latino in Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela, Paraguay, Honduras, Ecuador. In addition, it was strongly positioned in the Spotify and Apple Top 100 lists of multiple countries including: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Belize, Nicaragua, Paraguay. Alex Rose is proclaiming himself as one of the most important artists on the rise this year, making it clear that his music is ready to go around the world.

Natti Natasha

July 9, 2021

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, better known by her stage name Natti Natasha, is a Dominican singer and songwriter. The 32-year old had already signed a contract at «Orfanato Music Group» ten years ago. The label is owned by the one and only Reggaeton-Legend Don Omar. At the time, she has released songs like «Dutty Love» featuring Don Omar and «Crazy in Love» with Farruko. Even though she has been making music for over a decade, she just released her first album in February 2019. «Iluminatti» reached number one in the Latin Album Sales.

Almost two billion clicks on YouTube and number one on the Spotify charts in thirteen countries – the hit-single "Criminal" (featuring Ozuna) put Natti Natasha on the map in Europe for the first time. With «Instagram» featuring Daddy Yankee, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike, the Puerto Rican even performed at festivals like the Tomorrowland in Belgium this past summer. The video to her song "Sin Pijama," which she sings with fellow artist Becky G was the most-watched Youtube-Video by female artists in the year of its release.

Sebastian Yatra (TBC)

July 9, 2021

In his six years as an artist, Sebastian Yatra has already been nominated for five Latin Grammy Awards and three Latin American Music Awards, of which he won two. The 25-year old was born in Medellin, Colombia, but moved to Miami, Florida, at an early age.

Although he was primarily raised in the US, the Colombian is famous for romantic songs and Reggaeton. Hits like “Runaway” with the Jonas Brother and Daddy Yankee, “Traicionera” and “Boomshakalaka” featuring Dimitri Vegas helped him to achieve fame around the world as well as 23 platinum records.

Mercado Negro

July 9, 2021

Armando Miranda, Rodrigo Rodríguez and Cesar Correa created MERCADONEGRO, a band who therein has become the orchestra of choice for the main Salsa Festivals and Congresses world wide, a band who was called in 2009 to make the opening concert of the most important Latin Festival of the world, the Latinoamericando Expo in Milano.

The Mercadonegro project was born when three Latin- American musicians met by chance in Europe. They have kept their musical heart in Latin America, and they decided to spread throughout the world the sounds of their homelands, together with new beats and vibes. The group was named MERCADONEGRO not to forget the roots and the legacy of Afro-American music, and also to describe the difficult pattern, for a group of young and almost unknown musicians, to become popular and appreciated worldwide, starting from Switzerland, an unexpected location for Latin-American music.

Abraham Mateo

July 8, 2021

The Spanish singer, songwriter, and actor first started making music at the age of seven years. Just three years later, the video to his single “Señorita” became the most-watched in his home country. In the following years, he toured through Spain and most of Latin America. In 2013 the 21-year old sang the European Spanish soundtrack to the Disney movie “Frozen.” Two years later, he did the same thing for the movie “Minions.”

Songs like “Que Ha Pasao” with Sofia Reyes and “Me Vuelvo Loco” featuring CNCO helped Mateo grow his fan base to more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram and over 3.6 million monthly listeners on Instagram. The song “Loco Enamorado” with Farruko and Christian Daniel even got him six times platinum and a gold certificate. Two years ago, Abraham Mateo was the youngest male artist to be on the top of the Latin Airplay Billboard charts.

Loco Escrito

July 10, 2021

With four singles in a row of platinum, seven gold awards, an MTV EMA as "Best Swiss Act", two Swiss Music Awards in a row with "Adiós" (2019) and "Punto" (2020) in the "Best Hit" category, several Top 10 Airplay Charts and the nomination for "Best Urban Act of the Year" at the LUKAS Awards, Loco Escrito is the biggest hit of the Swiss music scene in recent years. In February 2020, Loco Escrito also appeared in the first Swiss edition of "Sing meinen Song" and continued to impress with its charm and honesty.

But the way up was difficult: the loss of his friend, the serious motorcycle accident and the then pregnant girlfriend - Loco went into a crisis, but never gave up. "Perder para ganar" sings in "Estoy Bien". "Today I'm doing well, I've solved my problems, I've sold over 100,000 singles in a year and a half," says Loco, and he knows that it takes a lot of energy to make his dreams come true. Loco Escrito was born as Nicolas Herzig 30 years ago in Medellin, Colombia, arrived in Switzerland at the age of six months and grew up in Wetzikon ZH.

Grupo Extra

July 10, 2021

The band, lead by the former artistic promoter of the world’s most successful Bachata-band Aventura, has only been active for a couple of years. In this short time, they already shared the stage with great names of the Latin music scenes like Daddy Yankee or Prince Royce.

The band has more than 800 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Videos to songs like «Me Emborrachare» or «A Traves del Vaso» have been watched several million times on Youtube. Fidel Perez, El Nene Flow, El Turko, Tony Santana, and Riko y Yewdry Alvarado have already performed at stages across the globe, including some of the most important Latin festivals in Europe like the Latinoamericano festival in Milano and the Paris Latino Festival All-stars..

Ir Sais

July 10, 2021

Irgwin Placido Sluis also known by his stage name Ir-Sais was born on September 29 in Bonaire (former Netherlands Antilles). Ir-Sais was raised in Tera Cora (Bonaire). His father died when he was just one years old therefore he was raised by his mother. Ir-Sais started his interest in music when he was just seven years old. When he turned 11, Ir-Sais started to play the drums on a set he made himself out of tin cans. Ir-Sais is a natural born musician, he never attended music school but he still has the ability to play many different instruments. When he was ,13 Ir-Sais started windsurfing but stopped after 2 years when he realized that music was his true passion.

Ir-Sais was part of some popular music bands in Bonaire. In 2003 he formed part of the musical group Ice Band. After that he joined Happy Band (2004-2007). During this time Ir-Sais started his own musical group that went by the name 'Insoportabel' with his best friend Remyman. Together they brought out two cd's. Ir-Sais moved to the Netherlands in 2008. During this time he started working on some musical projects with W.S.R Label Mostaman. A big step in his career was when he started his own production studio in his home. This is when he started his solo career. In March 2010 he launched his first single 'Schatje zeg maar' (Baby Just Tell Me), which was an immediate success. This was a beginning of a new chapter. Ir-Sais started mixing zouk with pop music; ' NUWA, Sonja Kumi Awe Nochi, Awo Mi Mes A Mire,Mi Studio, No Worry (Ft Bolle Bof) and 'The Love Song' (ft. Unik0) are just a few examples.